AUGUSTINIANS OF THE MERCY OF JESUS  - Monastère Notre-Dame de la Victoire

Service times

  • Masses :
    • 11:00 am, every days, chapelle St François  (except Tuesday, Maison de retraite St François)
  • Offices :
    • Every days :
      • 8:30am: Morning Prayer
      • After mass of 11:00am : Milieu du jour
      • 6:45pm : Evening prayer
      • 8:30pm : Complies (Office of Readings days before feasts)
    • 1st Friday  :
      • Adoration du Saint Sacrement - 9:00 am to 11:00 am
  • Patronal Feast (Pardon de la Salette) :
    • 4th Sunday of september

Fields of action

  • Hospitality (2 gites of 4 people and 1 gite of 8 people)
  • Senior Services (Ehpad St François, very closed)

A Little  History...

  • 1458: foundation of the Monastery St François de Cuburien by Alain IX de Rohan, for the Friars Minor, in St Martin des Champs (near Morlaix)
  • 1644: installation of sisters Augustines de Vannes, in Quimper, at the request of their bishop
  • 1834 (15th October): arrival of the Augustinian hospital nuns of Quimper (who had been driven out following the Revolution) in the former Monastery of St. Francis.
  • 1835: creation of a small hospice for elderly and infirm ladies, which will become the Hôtel-Dieu
  • 1860: consecration of the chapel of the Salette (located on the site of the Monastery), under the name of our lady Restorer
  • 1993: inauguration of the retirement home built in the old vegetable garden of the Monastery