AUGUSTINIANS OF THE MERCY OF JESUS  - Monastère St Yves, filiale Ste Marie Thibermont

Service Times

  • Masses
    • Monday: 7:30am
    • From Tuesday to Friday: 11:30am
    • Saturday: 8:30am
    • Sunday: 10:00am
  • Offices
    • Every Days : 
      • 7:00am : Laudes (9:00am on Sunday)
      • 11:30am : Office du Milieu du jour  (12:20pm on Monday, Saturday and Sunday)
      • 5:30am : Evening Payer
      • 7:00am : Complies (except on Thursday, Friday and Saturday)
    • As well as...
      • Exposition du Blessed Sacrement : each 1st friday, from 9:00am to 5:00pm
      • Prière du Rosaire : each Saturday at 4:15pm 
      • Adoration Eucharistique for Vocationss: each 1st Sunday, from 4:15pm to 5:15 (following by Evening Prayer)

Fields of action

  • Services at the St Yves clinic: hospital chaplaincy, accompaniment, activities, visits for the sick, listening to the chapel ...
  • Accommodation service: for students (Sainte Monique home)
  • Animation: liturgy and youth groups
  • Welcoming visitors: for a time of spiritual renewal (individually and in groups)
  • Association Les Amis des Augustines of Saint-Yves: deepening and spreading their life and their work (spiritual weekends, retreats, conferences ...)

A little history...

  • 1644: arrival from Dieppe and Vannes, 6 Augustinian nuns hospital, with mission to found a Community to serve the Hôtel-Dieu (care of the sick and assistance of the dying, and works of mercy with the reception of travelers homeless, pilgrims, abandoned children and the relief of all forms of poverty).
  • 1655: sending of 8 nuns to found the monastery of the Hospice St-Nicolas de Vitré 1674: sending 4 other nuns to Fougères to found the monastery to serve the hospital.
  • 1789: searches, prohibition of novitiate, then incarceration of the sisters in 1794. Liberation in 1795, but the sisters are scattered.
  • 1804: Thanks to a donation, the sisters return to Hôtel-Dieu
  • 1870: construction of a new 400-bed Hôtel-Dieu
  • 1896: construction of a new monastery, the St Yves Monastery, and stop of the service of the sisters at the Hôtel-Dieu. The sisters serve a pavilion of the Clinique St Yves, with about thirty patients.
  • Wars 14-18 and 39-45: the hospital welcomes the wounded of war, and modernizes